The “Giraffe” Lamp


The Giraffe Lamp is an elegant piece constructed with high quality polished stainless steel

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The Giraffe Lamp is a design that takes its name from what are to me very graceful and serene animals. They exude a natural sense of balance. Inspired by these stunning animals, the “Giraffe” Lamps centre their weight at the base with solid steel spheres and use light piping to get the light source all the way up in an attempt of covering a bigger area with its light. The head houses a LED round panel and the transformation box and can be tilted on the vertical plane only (can giraffes even turn their hear to the sides?). The pipes allow the cabling to go around and leaves the lamp by a perforation at the base.

The Giraffe Lamp require advance techniques in shaping the spheres at the base with a turn and in creating the top piece with a compression mold to make the drop-like shape.


Kilzi is a young design project by architect Jorge Suárez-Kilzi, based in Barcelona,  Spain with new manufactures in Mexico and soon Japan. The design process of all of the items under this project focus on craftsmanship and its values.

Due to the highly manual work that go into Kilzi’s designs, every piece is unique in shape, size, form and materiality, giving the owner the certainty of having a one-off piece, never to be repeated identically in another piece. Defect and human trace are sought after as testimony of the hands that created it and the beauty behind what’s hand-made.

The inspiration behind most of these pieces usually arises from small human moments and the feelings that go with them, cherishing tradition and history as well as nature and its values in modern society.

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Standing: Grassing: 80x150x150cm

Technical Details

  • Size: 56x80x210cm
  • Plugtype: European (Adapted upon request)
  • Voltage: 240V (Adapted upon request)
  • Materials: Polished Stainless Steel

Lead Times and Shipping

The Giraffe Lamp will take 8 weeks from order to shipping.

Shipping preparations can be budgeted sepparatedly if the customer has a carrier in place they wish to use.

Care and Maintenance

The Giraffe Lamp must be dusted frequently with a light, non erosive duster. In occasions it will need to be cleaned with a specialised spray and a cloth.

Clean the Giraffe Lamp while unplugged. Do not pull cables in excess and avoid bumping it in transport or in the cleaning process in order to maintain a flawless finish. Handle with gloves when possible to avoid fingerprints.

Do not use in exteriors. If you need to, please contact us for support and we can try to adapt the piece to your wished use.


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