The ”Mush” Lamp (Tower)


This sculptural lamp that brings the unique texture and expression of the “Mush” Family to a larger Floor Lamp format.

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The tallest “Mush” to date: the “Tower” Floor Lamp, has come to be a self standing piece that will attract everyone’s attention.

The “Mush” Lamps’ friendliness and lightness are contagious and my goal is for you to find in them a comforting company.

They are always changing during the day and their light is subtle, diffused and very soothing and calming. Their finish resembles Japanese paper fibres and stuns and surprises everyone with the inevitable questions: “What are they made of?” -A great conversation starter-.

The structure is built in polished stainless steel with removable parts for a more compact disassembled occupancy. The two shades, upper and lower are made of the same thickness organic fibres, resins and fibreglass mat. The tone and texture of these pieces change from piece to piece due to the very manual craftsmanship that goes into them.

Please send us a note with your purchase if you wish for it to be slightly shorter, taller or a warmer or lighter color.

Technical Details

    • Approximate sizes:
    • *Each lamp may vary slightly in size, due to the fact that it is a handmade product.
  • Size:

    Height (total): 100cm / 39,4in

    Weight (total) Aprox. 3kg / 6,6lb

    Top shade

    Side 1: 28cm / 11,0in

    Side 2: 29cm / 11.0in

    Lower shade

    Side 1: 20cm / 7,9in

    Side 2: 22cm / 8,7in

Lead Times and Shipping

6 weeks from completing the order. Shipping handling and labels can be managed by the client’s own carrier and a reinboursement of the shipping fees will be processed in the following 15 days of noticing.

Care and Maintenance

Dust the shades lightly with a duster. Do not use sprays or any other liquid cleaning product.

If stained use gloves and and slightly humid sponge. Make sure the lamp is not connected to the electricity. Do this carefully as some fibres could dettach from the shade. Apply some lacker or hairspray at the end of the process to seal it in or ask for instructions.


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