The “Mush” Lamp (Tall)


Fibreglass lamps with soft organic shapes resembling a growing mushroom. (Finishes may differ from pictures)

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This lamps are bound to be the staple of this young design project. Their friendliness and lightness are contagious and my goal is for a user They are always changing with the daylight and their light is subtle and diffused, very soothing and calming. We have developed two finishes, one resembling “bone” and another with organic fibres resembling Japanese “paper”. The structure is built in polished stainless steel with removable parts for a more compact disassembled occupancy. The two shades, upper and lower are made of the same thickness organic resins and fibreglass.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 42 × 55 cm

Technical Details

    • Approximate sizes:
    • *Each lamp may vary slightly in size, due to the fact that it is a handmade product.
  • Size:

    Height (total): 60cm / 23,62in

    Weight (total) Aprox. 4,5kg / 9,92lb

    Top shade

    Side 1: 35cm / 13,78in

    Side 2: 37cm / 14,56in

    Lower shade

    Side 1: 27cm / 10,63in

    Side 2: 22cm / 8,66in

Lead Times and Shipping

6 weeks from completing the order. Shipping handling and labels can be managed by the client’s own carrier and a reinboursement of the shipping fees will be processed in the following 15 days of noticing.


Care and Maintenance

Dust the shades lightly with a duster. Do not use sprays or any other liquid cleaning product.

When stained use gloves and and damp sponge. Make sure the lamp is not connected to the electricity. Do this carefully as some fibres could detatch from the shade (this is not dangerous but can create a temporary itch

Let it dry completely and apply a layer of lacker or hairspray to make sure friction doesn’t create loose fibers. Avoid this process unless necessary. The lamps are prepared for use ahead if shipping and are resitant to most stains.

In case a stain is persistant use gloves, acetone and a piece of fabric, to clean it off and repeat the process on top.


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